The following applications were developed by Milk LLC or its owner Lane Phillips. They are listed with the most recent projects first:

Since 2016 Lane Phillips has been a full-time employee of ScoreVision. This company installs jumbotron-style LED video displays in high school and college arenas. The displays are operated by a set of easy-to-use production and scorekeeping iPad apps.

I'm proud to announce I've recently joined the team at Third Iron as a part-time contractor to help them develop BrowZine, an app for iPads and Android tablets that allows library patrons to quickly search and access the library's collection of academic journals. Third Iron is growing fast and is constantly updating their app. They signed up over 100 libraries as customers this year!

This lab at the University of Nebraska Medical Center has been working on new ways to make knee replacement surgeries less invasive using augmented reality technologies. I worked on a prototype that had an iPod Touch mounted on an optically-tracked bone saw. The iPod app presented 3D models and navigation information to guide the surgeon in making cuts. The app was created by an overseas contractor, and I came in to clean up the code and put on the final polish to make it a demo-worthy product.

Here is an article written about the team a few months before I joined.

AngioTeacher is interactive medical educational software to help learn how to interpret coronary angiograms. It features a 3 dimensional computed tomographic angiographic model of the heart and coronary angiograms.

I ported this existing PC application to the iPad.

Levi's Revel Kiosk

In collaboration with KNOCK, Blue Earth Interactive created a mobile kiosk app that will be used in stores around the world allowing women experience the benefits of the Levi’s® brand and find their perfect fit.

Lane Phillips did all the programming for the iPad app.

Wire Service is an app for following your favorite blogs. Wire Service subscribes directly to the blogs' RSS or Atom feeds and does not rely on a 3rd party aggregation service. Wire Service uses a modern gestures-based interface for quickly scrolling through items and marking them as read. Bring the power of Inbox Zero to your blogroll.

I started development on Wire Service when Google announced that it would shut down its Reader service.


Dusk automatically adjusts your screen brightness so you don't have to dig into the Settings app.

  • Set day and night brightness levels.
  • On launch the app automatically sets the brightness according to the time of day.
  • Set specific times to change the brightness, or let it change at the local sunrise and sunset.
  • You may have the app notify you when it's time to change the brightness. Respond to the alert to launch the app for truly one-touch operation.

I removed Dusk from the App Store when iOS 7 added the ability to change the brightness from the control panel.

This simple app shows you a map of where it is daylight in the world. I updated my first iPhone app to run on an iPad, and added the ability to customize the map projection.

News Synergy™ is the industry's leading mobile app that distributes locally branded content to Apple® iPhone®, iPod touch®, iPad®, Kindle Fire™ and Google™ Android™ mobile digital devices. The power to control, update, maintain and extend the media company brand is in your hands with News Synergy.

Lane Phillips worked on version 2 of this app during a three month contract with Inergize Digital.

This mobile app aids those deployed to emergency response events in maintaining their own physical, emotional, and social wellbeing. It provides checklists for before, during, and after deployment that help responders pack for deployment, take care of daily needs, maintain important relationships, reflect on experiences, and more. Customizable reminders ensure that critical tasks are not forgotten and tips explain why certain aspects of self care are vital.

Lane Phillips programmed the iOS version of this app with Blue Earth Interactive.

Blue Earth Interactive contracted Lane to complete the iOS side of this multi-platform social networking app. Get your own QR code and share your contact info with new friends in the time it takes to snap a photo.

This addictive word game for the iPhone is like a cross between Tetris and Boggle.

This simple app shows you a map of where it is daylight in the world.